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    Open Source Tools R and Python: Extending the toolbox of the actuary

    Lisbon, Portugal
    The goal of this two-day seminar is to introduce the participants to both open source ecosystems and to get a good understanding of both languages. However, since both ecosystems are way too vast to be covered in merely two days, the participants will be asked to go through the basics of both languages themselves, prior to the seminar. During the first three hours of the seminar, these basics which will be shortly revised, but at a higher pace. The course material, containing the basics of both languages, will be provided by the organizers several weeks before the beginning of the seminar, such that the participants will have plenty of time to go through the material at her/his ease.
    As such, less time needs to be spent on the basic elements of both languages, hereby enabling us to organize a three-hour hands-on exercise session to more easily assimilate the course material. Note that the participants need to bring along a laptop on which both R and Python are installed. Instructions on how to do so, will be provided by the organizers at the same moment as the course material of R and Python basics, hence several weeks in advance.
    As a result, a jump start on how to truly use these languages in practice will be provided to the participants, by focusing on solutions for problems that they will surely regularly encounter in their day-to-day job, by handing over lots of links to online resources and a very rich course material and by even organizing hands-on exercise sessions.
    Spreker: Luc Kesters, Robin Van Oirbeek
    Datum: Maandag 16 maart + dinsdag 17 maart 2020
    Organisator: EAA - European Actuarial Academy GmbH in cooperation with the Instituto dos Ac-tuários Portugueses
    Vorige edities: Stockholm, 2019. Cologne, 2018


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